Plugin Releases

Slider Revolution 6.7.14

Version 6.7.14 (25th June 2024)

  • Mute & unmute videos not working well in some cases
  • If preloading is active for the SR7 Data Load Method, global slides are not loaded from the third slider onwards
  • Global setting "Include library globally" is not respected by the SR7 engine
  • Slider not initialized when optimized by Rocket Loader
  • SR7 removes sibling tags like span and p
  • Vimeo attributes like pip, dnt, pip, transcript, portrait are not working
  • The ToolBarTopFunction is still using the jQuery library, producing some errors in preview pages if jQuery is not loaded
  • Fullscreen height on mobile is not respecting min height of content in some cases
  • Parallax disabled on mobile still calculates the initial offset position of parallax elements which renders all layers at the wrong position
  • SVG export with starting // is not processes properly
  • Background image on module repeated even if the option is not selected
  • Media library image was not showing for post based slides if featured image on a post was missing

Version 6.7.13 (6th June 2024)

  • Depricated Next Slide on Focus and Disable Blur/Focus behavior options and introduced new V7 Freeze On Blur option
  • Enable Google Fonts global option does not respect "Disable" and loads and
  • Alternate URL for module is not migrated from SR6 to SR7
  • DeepLink Hash Tags in URl break Modules if they added on 3thd place or later
  • "Next Slide on Focus" and "Disable Blur/Focus Behavior" settings do not affect runtime processing
  • Lottie and BubbleMorph AddOns not working in admin preview due to incorrect layer class names
  • Mouse Wheel navigation not working when screen size height is smaller than slider height
  • Looping Slide not respecting the End time, but will restart after the last animated frame on timeline
  • Missing background color for layers with background image assigned
  • Global Layers with "auto" height and "%" width may not drawn straight if the Module is starting outside of the viewport
  • Loading Modals delayed, via PHP Filters may not set the default Dimensions correctly on opened Modules
  • Modal shows misaligned and with the wrong dimensions if Modal Module layout set to Auto

Version 6.7.12 (23rd May 2024)

  • On installation/plugin activation, if no Slider is present, the engine is changed to the Velocity Engine (V7)
  • Instagram stream not displaying images
  • Hover processing too early, negatively influencing the "in" animation of layers
  • MouseTrap AddOn when adding a click event on video without providing a layer caused an error
  • Not initialized modules out of viewport resized incorrectly on window resize causing the horizontal scroll to appear
  • Scroll Below under, Scroll-based Timelines and Video Scrolled Content not scrolling to the right ID
  • Fix Positioned Top Sliders by setting Pointer Events to none, without any exclusions
  • Filmstrip AddOn flickers on mobile phones
  • Gradient Backgrounds on SVG's drawn Transparent since latest updates
  • Swipe on MacOs swaps multiple slides if the swipe is thrown on a longer distance
  • Image Layers with auto width and auto height drawn stretched
  • Disabling Parallax Effect on Mobile has no Effect

Version 6.7.11 (15th May 2024)

  • Parallax effect on Mobile reacting only on touchmove and not simple touches any more
  • Attribute alt and title on images are missing in source mode
  • Rows and Columns are ignoring parallax and loop animations
  • Ajax form sumbit not working for Contact Form 7 added to layer via shortcode
  • Special Effect keeps playing on layer hidden by device visibility options
  • HTML Video Toggle Mute action had to be double fired to mute video for the first time
  • If SVG elements added (i.e. Charts) an extra space generated under the Module
  • Deeplink Slide targets not working in SR7
  • Module Margins and Paddings are not respected and rendered
  • Overdimensioned Modules behave differently in SR7 than SR6 when Screen size smaller on some Responsive screensizes
  • Link action on YouTube stream based slides is leading to the same url of the last video
  • If slide is hidden from navigation it cause JavaScript error and break navigation

Version 6.7.10 (6th May 2024)

  • Touch Swipe is not working on Hoverable and Clickable elements
  • Min Height set on Auto layout also respected on Fullwdith and Fullscreen layouts
  • Post Excerpts Meta {{excerpt}} is not shortened by the slider setting Limit Excerpt in Velocity Engine
  • Images with special Charachters in URL not loading
  • {{link}} meta is not working on slide Tags & Links in Post Based Sliders
  • HTML5 Volume set >1 stops the Module with JS error

Version 6.7.9 (30th April 2024)

  • Media position miscalculated when no aspect ratio is set and aspect ratio unavailable at preload.
  • Permission checks missing for Instagram and Facebook API requests.
  • Potential XSS vulnerabilities due to unescaped output of slider parameters.
  • 'Touchstart' and 'Touchend' behavior on mobile devices differs from SR6.
  • 'mailto:' and 'tel:' simple link actions removed in SR7 frontend.
  • SVGs within 'a' tag layers not respecting parent layer dimensions.
  • Hero Slide fails to initiate if navigation visibility was previously configured.
  • Timeline set to loop through a single frame does not loop in SR7.
  • Elementor backend does not display SR7 Modules in Live Editor.
  • Scroll-based timelines break visually when layout is set to fullscreen and browser height is less than module height.
  • SR7 Frontend loads slower if Modules added via Shortcode, due missing JSON SR7 needs to load per restApi the datas on demand

Version 6.7.8 (25th April 2024)

  • Links containing "#" disrupt URL construction and can cause Module failure upon loading
  • Security hardening to prevent XSS: Input sanitization and output escaping now enforced on 'htmltag' and 'tag layer' parameters to thwart script injection attacks

Version 6.7.7 (23rd April 2024)

  • Templates and Modules with links (action of simple links) may scroll down at opening the page

Version 6.7.6 (23rd April 2024)

  • Navigation is not visible if the 'Hide Under' value is bigger the highest Device Size set in Module
  • 'In' Animation duration under 75ms not triggering any events, addon relaying on events are not starting
  • System Fonts are loaded by Google Fonts API, which breaks all Google Fonts on the same page
  • HTML5 Video without Poster image (first frame image) breaks at startanimation
  • Custom SVG upload fails

Version 6.7.5 (19th April 2024)

  • Empty Tag Removal in Text Layers: Empty span and p tags within text layers are removed, despite being used for visual effects or by third-party functions.
  • Image Rendering with Special Characters: Images with special space characters used as background for shapes cause rendering issues in SR7.
  • Gradient and Image Conflict: Elements with both gradient coloring and an image source render only the image, ignoring gradient colors in the frontend.
  • Container Dimension Calculation Error: Container rendering dimensions are incorrectly calculated if module width and height are oversized on desktop level.
  • Video Autoplay Issue in Safari: Unmuted videos fail to start without user interaction on Safari browser.
  • Scroll Timeline Displacement: Modules based on scroll timeline without a fixed position are calculated with oversized height upon initialization, causing incorrect scrolling behavior with Scroll to Id navigation.
  • PanZoom Effect shows the original Image underlaying the Pan Zoom effect, causing a double effect
  • Simple Link and Menu Link forwards to the wrong address based on the different settings
  • Simple and Menu Link fails if target is a simple hash char
  • Slide Background Video loops even option is disabled
  • HTML Export for V7 engine does not export V7 data
  • Formating the WordPress date format in a wrong way can cause the Slider Revolution backend to produce JS errors
  • Image From Stream option produced error when there were no Stream available
  • Global Custom Fonts are not written in V7 engine output

Version 6.7.4 (16th April 2024)

  • Media Filters Missing: Slide backgrounds lack the configured media filters, impacting visual consistency.
  • Migration Failure with AddOns: Enabling Exploding Layers AddOns causes migration processes to fail.
  • Min Height Calculation Error: Setting 'Min Height' to 'none' calculates the Content Flow height as NaN, disrupting the layout integrity.
  • AddOns Loading Issue in Smart Mode: AddOns placed in the 4th position or later under Smart Loading mode fail to load some necessary resources.
  • SVG Layer Visibility Issue: SVG layers become invisible when inner component IDs are duplicated, leading to display inconsistencies.
  • Editor Breakage at Small Dimensions: Setting module dimensions to under 10px causes the editor to break, impairing usability.
  • Text Layer Width Issue: Text layers with 'width' set to 'auto' disregard 'max-width' settings, leading to content overflow.
  • Font Loading Issue: Fonts do not load if 'Cache Fonts Locally' is enabled and only one font weight is used across the DOM in a single module.
  • Module Migration Issue in SR6 Editor: Saving and migrating modules may alter Responsive Height settings if previously unset, scaling them based on larger dimensions.

Version 6.7.3 (12th April 2024)

  • Carousel Interaction Issue: Dragging the carousel with a longer delay causes an overjump of the next element if it's already in focus.
  • Rapidly click on Navigation elements makes the Carousel aniamtion stuttering
  • Text Layer Issue: Text layers cannot be selected, even with 'Layer Selectable' enabled in default settings.
  • Video Dimension Issue: HTML5 video elements receive incorrect dimensions on the 2nd and subsequent slides if a fullscreen video exists on the first slide.

Version 6.7.2 (11th April 2024)

  • Background Color Animation Issue: Animations fail to transition from a colored background to a transparent background when custom colors are set within the animation settings.
  • Dimension Calculation Error: Elements with a previously set Module alignment within any container are miscalculating dimensions, due to issues with the marked Module-based alignment setting.
  • DOM Layer Rewrite Conflict: Existing layers in the Document Object Model (DOM) are being rewritten upon initializing the module, which results in the malfunction of shortcodes and similar components.
  • File Name Loading Error: Files that contain 'none-break narrow space' characters in their names fail to load, leading to potential accessibility and data retrieval issues.
  • Module Resizing Inconsistency: In specific scenarios, modules that are excessively large (both vertically and horizontally) encounter issues in linearly resizing underlying layers, leading to inconsistent display and layout problems.
  • Responsive Module Sizing Error: Incorrect module sizing observed when Responsive dimensions are not previously modified, leading to layout discrepancies.
  • Background Overlay: Issues with background dotted overlays not rendering on colored or image-based module backgrounds; dotted overlay omitted from slide backgrounds when globally enabled.
  • Image List Modification Conflict: Third-party cache plugins altering image lists and modifying data attribute names, causing disruptions in the Image loading process of SR7.
  • Plugin Extension Removal by Third-party Integrations: Third-party themes and plugins are removing loaded plugin extensions, leading to significant layout and functionality issues in Slider Revolution 7.
  • Rapid Slide Change Issue: If multiple slide change requests are made in quick succession, the slides switch immediately without waiting for animations to complete, creating a disjointed and buggy user experience.

Version 6.7.1 (8th April 2024)


  • Unpublished slides showed up in V7 Velocity engine
  • Quick selection of sliders in the page in the top admin bar is missing in V7 Velocity engine
  • German translation files have some wrong translations
  • Modules larger than the screen size in mobile view are limited to the screen size, breaking the layout
  • Enhanced protection for images loading from external servers: initially attempting with cross-origin, and using without cross-origin attributes as a fallback.
  • Horizontal scrollbar appears upon resizing if modules have not yet been initialized.
  • Issue with Saving Global Settings in SR6 Before SR7 Initialization: Global settings in SR6 fail to save properly if SR7 is not initialized beforehand
  • Misalignment with Percentage-Sized and Right-Aligned Elements: Elements sized by percentage and aligned to the right using max-width exhibit misalignment
  • Layer Actions Disabled in Non-Interactive Videos: Videos set to ‘no interaction’ mode inadvertently disable associated layer actions
  • Delayed Background Color Rendering: Background colors experience a delay in rendering, leading to brief flashes during scrolling
  • Redundant Creation of Font Tester Containers: The font tester is generating multiple similar containers, leading to unnecessary clutter in the DOM

Version 6.6.20 (21st December 2023)

New Features
  • Added WPML compatibility with the upcoming WPML Sliders AddOn
  • Importing certain Slider will result in warnings
  • Instagram functionality fixes

Version 6.6.16 (30th August 2023)

New Features
  • Added option to limit title and excerpt in post meta by chars or words. I.e. {{title:words:5}}
  • Instagram reel link is not set properly through the usage of {{link}}
  • Custom fonts added in the global settings are tried to be loaded from Google if the precaching option is enabled
  • Tags and categories fetched from posts are missing a space after ,
  • Importing a template slider could result in a checksum failure
  • Further security hardening

Version 6.6.15 (1st August 2023)

New Features
  • Added compatibility for PHP 8.2
  • Backend: init function conflicting with other global defined functions in some rare cases (i.e. Cooke Banner Plugin)
  • Backend: missing WooCommerce escaping may cause a JavaScript error in the overview page
  • Layer out animation is being ignored in specific cases where the length of carousel slides varies among siblings and the layer out animation is set to trigger at a later timepoint
  • Slider importing could lead to an internal server error
  • ogv reference as constant instead of variable in import process
  • site-editor.php is not loading JS files needed for Slider Revolution Widgets
  • Importing a slider manually may result in it becoming a template slider
  • Willow filter doesn't work in Safari NOTE: Due to browser limitations willow filter looks slightly different in Safari
  • Slider with video background will jump on load/resize if device pixel ratio is high
  • Keyframe does not work if it is placed near in animation
  • Slider block cannot be addon into a homepage on
  • Adjusting the Video volume to 100% is not possible on Android device
  • When Panorama addon is enabled, crossfade BG animation will not work.
  • SR block doesn't update newly selected module
  • Downloading template fails due to ajax error

Version 6.6.14 (30th May 2023)

  • Backend: Whenever an empty folder is reopened, it will now automatically be reconnected to the root directory.
  • Backend: Now, when opening an empty folder, a brief breadcrumb will be displayed to explain its empty status.
  • Updated google fonts list
  • Changed ajax call request name for the backend as the OWASP Core Ruleset does not allow the use of the old name
  • Carousel jumps to wrong slide while navigating if slider is different height slides
  • Opening modal with specific slide doesn't work correctly on carousel slider
  • Setting the zIndex value to "Auto" on hover resulted in a zIndex of 500, inadvertently leading to overlap with other areas.
  • Editor: When the background color of a module is changed, it doesn't update live to reflect the selected color. The background color only updates after the color picker modal is closed.
  • Backend: Action references on global layers originating from slides other than the global slide are non-functional. Selecting any layer from global slides consequently results in the removal of the action from the list.
  • SFX Block Layer transition only fades in Safari

Version 6.6.13 (4th May 2023)

New Features
  • Module Creation Guide: New Content Editing Guide modal will be displayed on creating new module that will provide you links to and videos to guide you through settings and features to create new modules
  • Template Editing Guide: New Template Editing Guide modal will be displayed when you are editing premium template, it will feature links to articles that explain only the features that are used in the template.
  • Global Settings: Global settings are added to enable disable guide modals
  • Carousel opacity has issues rendering on PHP 8.x
  • Settings sticky bar label displays "undefined" on right side
  • Modal Countdown is not stopping after closing modal, which breaks any further opening of Modal
  • Blend Mode is not working on complex canvas animations
  • Editor: sometimes layout settings fields are empty on loading editor
  • Preview doesn't work in backend if Yoast SEO is enabled
  • Blend mode does not work during transition
  • Improved security for manual imports
  • Layers disappear on safari during transition in Carousel Module

Version 6.6.12 (29th March 2023)

  • Some AddOn kills references on image loading. Further protection needed on internal lazy loading
  • Background images don't scale correctly in carousel when switching to fullscreen mode
  • Resetting the size of shapes or images in the editor adds double "px" to the values
  • Global layers do leave the stage on earlier slide if the layer is not animating out at the end of the slide
  • Basic transforms causes layers to display behind another layer. iOS issue - Introducing iOS fix: perspective
  • zIndex on hover is not working
  • Material icons are loaded from google even if it is disabled in the global settings
  • Action Needed filter in AddOn overview is not updated after updating an AddOn.
  • Slider are loaded on post/page save, which causes in some case longer loading times

Version 6.6.11 (23rd February 2023)

  • WPML constant ICL_PLUGIN_URL not defined in rare cases
  • Overlay effect gets more intense during transitions from Advanced Transitions addon.
  • Image layer set as cover fails to cover entire canvas area if an image has portrait dimensions
  • Vimeo video controls aren't rendering on layer
  • Food Carousel has a gap on specific dimensions
  • Deep link for modal not working using CustomEvent and event parameter detail:{slide:3}}
  • Filters in frames do not reset if filter is set to default values after having different values in other keyframes

Version 6.6.10 (25th January 2023)

  • Carousel is broken due to regression in 6.6.9

Version 6.6.9 (25th January 2023)

  • background=1 and background=0 Vimeo attributes get written twice if customers added these values manually
  • updating from v5 can cause an hover PHP error in PHP 8.x
  • Elementor deprecation messages appear
  • Gradient background effect does not work on small devices
  • Scroll based animations sometimes loose layer visibility on browser tab blur/focus
  • Carousel wheel navigation doesn't work if snap is set to off

Version 6.6.8 (21st December 2022)

New Features
  • Added Copy to Clipboard (Alt + Shift + C) and Paste from Clipboard (Alt + Shift + V) to be able to copy layers, groups, rows between modules in different tabs
  • Added a new HTML tag "label" and its attribute "label for"
  • Video pause on slide change: Layer videos now have a new option for carousel slider to pause video layers on inactive slides even when they are visible
  • New parallax feature for carousel, now parallax layers will move based on carousel movement. The use is triggered by the "Drag & Mouse Move" option under mouse interaction in the parallax settings.
  • Shape background image management is now also available in the layer content for a better understanding
  • Double click on shape with an background image will open the last used image library for that shape
  • Layer targets (in actions and label for dropdown) will show the correct layer hierarchy with spacings and search boxes
  • HTML5 video looping in background causes fullscreen mode to exit.
  • SFX block mask does not work correctly on safari if translate Z is used
  • Groups in columns did not respect the order of layers
  • Carousel slides popup into the place if carousel has 3 slides.
  • Regression in update 6.6.7 causes BG videos to not play sometimes in carousel
  • Groups in columns did not respect the order of layers
  • Groups in columns set to absolute will not align well
  • Modal closes after any video in background completes a loop due to conflict.
  • Carousel visibility option for layers "Always visible on Carousel" disappears.
  • Block Scroll option does not work as expected on mobile.
  • Vimeo video speed option doesn't work on background video.
  • Attempting to change image via double click on shape layer results in error
  • Horizontal swipe gets triggered on iOS while swiping vertically

Version 6.6.7 (17th November 2022)

New Features
  • New event: "Any Modal Opens" added to custom JS portfolio
  • New method: "revGoToFrame" added to custom JS portfolio
  • Added a lot more logic to the Google Fonts caching system
  • Deep linking isn't working on carousel slider
  • Some slides in the carousel are flashing into the position instead of animating in from the side
  • Global static layer settings for in and out animation are buggy in carousel
  • Particles AddOn effect doesn't render on the first slide in carousel
  • Sometimes layers disappear in a carousel when the 'Visible Layers' option is set to 'Always on all slide'
  • WooCommerce {{wc_stock}} meta does not show the total stock of all child products
  • Auto slide rotation sometimes ends with js failure if browser is not focused
  • Backend: Copying row layer with layers in it and pasting it it in Global Layers fails with console errors
  • Precaching Google Fonts locally fail to load fonts on some environment

Version 6.6.5 (25th October 2022)

  • Added Full Inset as covermode. This will help to set spaces throug 4 device levels in any direction within a group when a layer is absolute positioned
  • Videos autoplay on mobile even though autoplay is set to 'Skip 1st Time Slide'
  • In carousel modules, static layers don't animate in and out on the correct slides
  • RTL layers in column do not align to the left/right since version 6.6.0

Version 6.6.4 (19th October 2022)

  • Looped and masked layers in the Before After AddOn environment breaks after 6.6.0

Version 6.5.31 (13th August 2022)

  • Notice occurring since 6.5.30 about bos not defined

Version 6.5.30 (12th August 2022)

  • 3D parallax effect gets clipped in the latest Chrome version
  • Advanced Transition fails if the HTML5 video is from third party domain
  • Editing frame actions in backend fails with a console error
  • Carousel scaling is wrong in certain PHP environment settings
  • Using decimal values with postfix shows error even though the value is valid
  • Material Icons were loaded from Google if the global setting "Enable Google Fonts download" was set to "Cache Fonts Local"
  • Layer can receive hover effects even is border-style is set to none

Version 6.5.25 (21th June 2022)

  • Slider cannot be edited after updating from very old versions
  • Sharp Corner extensions are not rendering correctly in WordPress 6.0
  • Video layer with "No Interaction" enabled, becomes clickable with link action
  • Scroll Below Slider and Scroll to ID actions don't work on video layer with "No Interaction" enabled
  • Video border radius disappears after in-animations on some rare situations
  • Box shadow does not render full opacity if #000000 color is used
  • Object library could not fetch thumbnails and full objects if cURL is not enabled
  • Clickable scroll based animated layers are not any more clickable after scrolling backwards when layers are overlapping each other
  • Rapidly clicking and very rare repeated slowly clicks on navigation buttons changes the direction of layeranimations
  • Slide animation from last slide to first slide produced a rewind effect if the direction based animation has been selected. This is changed now to forward direction
  • HTML slider exports inclusion of jQuery.js is with http:// instead of https://
  • Dragging bottom (and/or) right aligned layers in the editor gives a sticky effect during the drag process


Version 6.5.24 (26th May 2022)

  • Missing width/height values in images can produce notices
  • Slow loading times on mobile, if elementor is activated due to lazy loading
  • WooCommerce slider may appear empty even though categories are selected

Version 6.5.23 (24th May 2022)

  • WooCommerce slider does not consider child posts/variants in filtering for price ranges
  • Layers become invisible if duration of layer is 0

Version 6.5.22 (18th May 2022)

  • Carousel Stop on Click: Added new option, by default carousel progress stops if user clicks on slider, this option lets you choose to continue auto rotate progress after user clicks on slider.
  • Importing a slider may create an additional empty slide
  • Opening modal with openModalAPI method fails with console error
  • Parallax jumps on iOS if URL field gets removed
  • Action triggered static layers ignore triggered frame call on last slide after slide swap
  • Before & After AddOn copy to clipboard after image is not working. Latest 3.0.6 version of Before & After AddOn required to fix issue
  • Glitch & noise effect does not fade out after fading once on 1st slide

Version 6.5.21 (2nd May 2022)

  • Autoplay enabled videos will play with audio if user has interacted with page
  • Loop enabled background videos will auto pause/play if page visibility state changes due to switching tabs etc
  • Added option under Advanced options to fix glitches on iOS Filters. It will add a tiny 0.0001 value to x, z, rotationX or to default (based on Layer type) to avoid cuts and other distortions on layers when slider is running on iOS
  • Activation through wp-cli returns a fatal error
  • Moving frames on timeline before playing the slide onces breaks with javascript error on static slide
  • Exit animation of Static layers works only on slide change, animation before Slide end is ignored

Version 6.5.20 (12th April 2022)

  • Added new action to ask for permission to use gyroscope accelerator on iPhone devices if needed. Read more in FAQ
  • Added page scroll possibility for modals to use modals as adverts
  • Lottie Addon: Canvas renderer for lottie now has new maxdpr option to help with performance optimization
  • Elementor deprecation message _register_controls() shows up using the newest Elementor version
  • If video was muted initially then video auto-mutes after pausing and playing
  • Blurred elements in Safari under masks shows broken edges, rendering issues
  • CSS fixes (i.e. speak-as and willow filter)
  • WP_PLUGIN_URL creates JavaScript error if it has a newline added (\n\r)
  • Meta data current_slide_index displays incorrect slide number on first slide
  • Vimeo stream keeps pausing and playing
  • YouTube video is blurry if used with poster
  • Vimeo videos are limited to 20 videos

Version 6.5.19 (14th March 2022)

  • Opening specific modal slide with Panzoom effect fails
  • On mobile, layer with long text has padding on right until slider loads completely

Version 6.5.18 (8th March 2022)

  • Slider editor has issues if the WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin is enabled
  • Hosts that do not allow connection to external servers creating longer loading times
  • Unwanted categories are shown in meta tags added to layers
  • Deleting global layers fails with console errors
  • Static layers with percentage based width or height do generate unneeded padding on mobile views
  • Google page speed warns against using unload event listener
  • 6.5.17 regression: Slider with Advanced Transitions flashes after transition.

Version 6.5.17 (23rd February 2022)

  • Added internal hook for manipulating layer positions and dimensions due to external addons
  • Changing slider dimensions is not possible if external url is empty
  • iOS Safari 15 crashes if slider has too many slides
  • YouTube video mutes again after seeking/scrubbing video
  • Charts Addon: Chart renders smaller on Safari because of browser specific bug
  • Charts Addon: Chart values are offset from position due browser specific bug
  • Panorama Addon: Poles have artifacts if image loads slow on slow

Version 6.5.16 (17th February 2022)

  • Changed notice containers in the WordPress plugin page for a better user experience
  • Editor does not render advanced opacity on layers
  • Force overflow causes layers to be hidden on mobile and to be visible on Android Chrome
  • Third party object extensions may kill the initialisation process of Slider Revolution in preview mode
  • Mobile height change is not respected when URL bar height changes on mobile devices

Version 6.5.15 (31st January 2022)

  • Opening a WordPress media modal fails because the editor script overwrites the _ variable
  • Notice occurs in post based sliders, as $attr1 is undefined
  • Advanced transitions fail on websites using subdomain as CDN
  • Gutenberg block preview not available
  • Gutenberg editor glitches on mouse enter and hover
  • Gutenberg template not updating after disabling blank page
  • Slider Revolution settings on WordPress pages are stuck on the top
  • Bottom margin issues on fixed slider scroll processes where the Slider is higher than the page
  • Exporting modules with advanced transitions ignore the predefined values
  • Sometimes glitches occur in the media library after triggering dropdowns in module editor
  • Carousel height jumps when a slide comes in focus after latest update 6.5.14 and 6.5.13
  • Console logs and errors are visible in some rare cases
  • Animation issues on menu in some older templates

Version 6.5.14 (6th January 2022)

  • JS error in some rare cases due to a conflict between underscore.js and some editor scripts by overwriting the global _ variable
  • Rows in the carousel slider are shifted once all layers are shown once in all slides

Version 6.5.13 (6th January 2022)

  • Middle row zones in carousel are not in the right position if the carousel is dragged and not triggered by navigation buttons
  • Instagram display date meta shows system date instead of instagram post date
  • SVG Layer can not be resized due the Size options after saving and reloading the editor
  • Advanced Rotation, opacity and filter which are assigned to the Mask container is not showing in editor only live and in preview
  • Hover zoom breaks out of mask after dragging carousel
  • STRONG tag lineheight is different (25 default) as the lineheight of the layer itself
  • JS warnings in Safari when backdrop filters are used
  • Not existing modal pop up on scroll drop JS failures

Version 6.5.12 (21st December 2021)

New Features
  • Added new submenus: Getting Started, Help Center, Templates, Premium Support and Go Premium
  • Menu burger buttons and scroll down buttons won't use out of box the intelligent size inheriting to avoid strange spacing on smaller devices
  • Updated GSAP to version 3.9.0
  • Simplified duplicating and copy pasting layers with actions triggering the duplicated layers with steps like:
    • Deleting a layer will remove the action references pointing on it from other layers
    • Undoing "delete layer" will recreate the deleted action references as well
    • Duplicating a layer will check for all pointing action references and will also duplicate those by adjusting the target id as well
  • Changing audio preload options does not have any influence on loading performance and results on frontend
  • Selecting post based slider by popularity, related and recent does not allow categories to be selected
  • Backend is slow in Chrome if more than 200 elements are added in rows and columns. Issue happens only in WebKit browsers based on transform perspective and filters
  • Glitch effect of advanced transitions throws console error
  • Duplicating layers undo/redo group is filled with multiple steps, single redo/undo is not working
  • Menu link & scroll action's scroll offset value is ignored
  • Change between navigation and general settings in the editor does not refresh the layer rendering, generating artifacts until next refresh
  • Multiple rows and columns generating artifacts on Chrome version 96.0.4664.110+
  • Centered rows may show layers and elements in columns blurry if the content is drawn on half pixels. Core will now internally calculate the vertical position of rows and columns

Version 6.5.11 (19th November 2021)

  • JavaScript error breaks the global settings in the overview mode and throws a console error getConcVals

Version 6.5.10 (17th November 2021)

  • Fullwidth layout in combination with timeline based scroll will allow optional to pull content now
  • Slider Revolution meta box now shows on all custom post types
  • Fast scrolling on some third party themes creates behavioral issue for scroll based sliders
  • Entering in fullscreen mode does not re-stretch the images in carousel mode
  • Vimeo video's "Tap to unmute" button does not work on Android
  • Image position shifted if Vertical middle aligned images added on Mobile sizes
  • Video layers with No Interaction also ignore a tag links added to the layer
  • Columns without content but with image background do not recognise Layer actions like mouseenter, click, mouseleave
  • Few random presets for BG animation were not working
  • Scroll to ID doesn't work correctly if viewport loading is on
  • Slider navigation does not work in fixed on top slider

Version 6.5.9 (11th October 2021)

  • Added Trust Pilot review link to overview page
  • Added deregistration warning information
  • Not installed AddOns will warn now in overview, and allow a one click installation of all required elements
  • Added premium templates badge on original templates from library. Templates can be used only in registered and licensed environments
  • Color update for SVG layers is inconsistent on carousel if lazy loading is set to single or smart
  • SVG options are squeezed in editor
  • Slide animation "in" resets opacity to 0 when 1 is set and the editor reloads
  • Downsized carousel items get squeezed images on fullwidth layout
  • Firefox shows console warnings for -webkit-backdrop-filter
  • Using the carousel justify option generates console errors in rare cases and prevents the carousel from rendering BG
  • WPML translation priorities terms were not ignored
  • Dropdowns in-place search is not filtering by Option content, only by option value
  • Firefox mouseleave event is not triggering when slide change has been called due further actions
  • In very rare cases, slider height grows if column contains layer with 100% height
  • Slide based direction is not working if animation distances set by pixel
  • Changed locale for decimals in PHP results in a JavaScript error
  • HTML export is missing CSS and JS files from AddOns
  • Reverse scroll option makes slider jump to last slide
  • Volume level for audio layer does not work correctly on Safari

Version 6.5.8 (7th September 2021)

  • Added cursor mode "none" to the option list to be able to hide the cursor on "a" tags when mouse track is activated
  • Introducing tag option for slide links (available options: "a" & "rs-layer") to avoid FireFox popup blocking on _blank targets
  • Introducing a global option: "Lazy Load on BG Images". This will allow to load BG images also with lazy load, defined due the lazy load global and module based options
  • Editing the size of layers in a column will replace % sizes into px on edit. Added a further protection which will only change the height values if the height is set over 98% within the column of any layer
  • Carousel slider is flickering in Safari
  • Safari clippath animations are not visible during the animation
  • Some third party form options fail to work correctly. (This may have affected other third party integration as well)
  • Missing Elementor property on load causes the Cookiebot plugin to fail
  • Solid color background with opacity gets darker on refocus
  • First slide using the Advanced Transition's blur effect flashes black background
  • Advanced Transition with PanZoom BG jumps on slide change
  • Using fullscreen toggle on slider with parallax effect does not reset BG correctly
  • Blend Mode "color" is not working well in Safari. (Fallback to color-burn works)
  • Slider Revolution can not be added to Wordpress Widgets area. JS Failures
  • Revolution Slider in Essential Grid's lightbox opens only on the first time
  • Carousel background is squashed if the carousel's 'Keep Aspect Ratio(Justify)' option is turned off
  • Slider added using the Gutenberg block is pushed to the right side if the slider uses "Fixed during scroll" option
  • Gap (border) option does not work correctly on fullwidth and fullscreen slider

Version 6.5.7 (20th August 2021)

  • Added global option to load YT Api in header which can be useful if Google Analytics enabled on page
  • Carousel slider doesn't render after reopening modal
  • Modal does not open after update 6.5.6
  • Slider background does not render for a customer after upgrading from 6.3.9 to 6.5.6
  • Shape, Button and Text layers breaks Module processes if they use % based height in columns
  • Triggered groups shows content after resize even they should stay invisible
  • 'Scroll Below Slider' action lags if page has scroll-behavior set to smooth
  • All Default Slide transitions shows animation within 1000ms on frontend, even backend has a different value set
  • Modal shows horizontal scrollbar on windows

Version 6.5.6 (06th August 2021)

  • Timeline default length update will also update all layer timings with "Wait for End" in each slides of that module
  • Added search, filter and sorting functions to the Addon overview area for better overview
  • Elementor popup not loading with slider. Even with added protections, it is not stable, therefore we recommend to use Slider Revolution's own popup functionality
  • Video and PanZoom aspect ratio may not be correct during the slide transition
  • Vimeo video in carousel not covering vertically and the first play of Vimeo background videos are not showing in carousel
  • RS conflicts with elementor lottie
  • Fonts don't render correctly due to quotes around font family
  • A deprecation notice block_categories occurs from WordPress 5.8.0 onwards
  • Justify carousel hides max amount of shown slides option and makes layout dimension changes hard to understand
  • Navigation font family preset is not selected after reload
  • Navigation Skin editor meta values not shown, meta type shows always custom
  • Background image gets drawn twice while using BG Fit Percentage
  • Shortcodes from RevSlider v5 with - in it are not found
  • Mouse scroll not working on fullscreen slider if viewport value is set to 100%
  • Alternate slide animation is ignoring main animation once loop done

Version 6.5.5 (21st July 2021)

  • Table structure changed from unique to primary key
  • Changed wording of clip path 'Inverts' option to 'Custom Mask' and replaced icons for better understanding
  • Added protection in case any page builder or third party plugin double output scripts in page
  • Added protection against if slider should wait on elementor scripts, but they wont be loaded
  • Page jumps while loading on some themes if slider loads after content
  • Regression 6.5.4 affected hamburger style and renders incorrectly
  • If 'Min Height' option is set, it affects styling of carousel slider
  • {{catlist}} and {{catlist_raw}} is empty on custom post types
  • Vimeo video background is always blurry, it used to be sharp in the pre Canvas version
  • Ken burns effect jitters in FireFox
  • Ken burns image shows after transitioning to second slide
  • JavaScript errors prevent slide from changing while using with Elementor tabs
  • ClipPath animation with "Invert Types" and default 100% values render differently on frontend and backend until values changed manually once
  • Slider max-width is written without px if it is not specially set
  • Scripts and styles are loaded on backend pages where they are not needed
  • Static layers do not overflow even after setting overflow visible in global layers slide options
  • Google font is not loading in backend and frontend if font name has spaces
  • Carousel rotation causes slides to cover current slide
  • WooCommerce on demand slider module inserting does not start module automatically
  • Modal slides in actions do not refresh the drop down view, even the correct slide is selected
  • Content height jumps if rs6.css loaded in footer delayed
  • Slider sizes in backend layout tab not updated until refreshing single values

Version 6.5.4 (2nd July 2021)

  • The internal revicons.woff is loaded when it is not needed
  • PanZoom jumps on mobile/high DPR displays
  • PanZoom animation is not smooth, jittering on iOS
  • Content jumps vertically on page load due to missing styles at the first rendering in some cases
  • Motion blur renders partially while used with videos on Chrome, likely due to a browser specific bug

Version 6.5.3 (25th June 2021)

  • Added performance option to slider transitions, which will allow to prioritise perfomance vs image quality during the slide transition
  • Added new option "Set Filters on Mask" to layer animation. This option allows to set the filters on the layer wrapper mask instead of the layer itself.
    • to avoid strange cuts on overflow hidden elements
    • as workaround for the Safari bug where blur and x,y rotations resizes the layers
  • Extended openModalAPI to be able to load modules in page by ajax on demand by id, index or slide key
  • Adding the same slider more than once to the post/page resulted in the JS revapi variable beeing defined multiple times
  • Tags are written in image titles on certain conditions
  • Splitted and blurred text animation on Safari looks different, letters pop up without animation
  • Required AddOn update message shows wrong update versions in certain cases
  • Hidden slides are printed into the HTML
  • Some external images are not visible in backend and load stretched on frontend (CORS error visible in console)
  • iFrame in layers fail to load in some special cases
  • Layer actions with target layers fail to open due to error
  • HTML export does not write some newly added JavaScript
  • JS error if slider uses "Observe Wrapper" option
  • Elementor, Divi, Wp Backery or other third party plugin conflicts if the library loading is set to defered, async in footer
  • Clicking on buttons sometimes fails in Firefox if 3D parallax is used
  • "Lazy Load All" does not load all images one by one in case the ViewPort option is enabled globally