Plugin Releases

Jet SmartFilters 3.4.4


  • FIX: links in Crocoblock Dashboard
  • FIX: nested provider preloader
  • FIX: ePro products add query args condition
  • FIX: no update indexer if 'Change Counters' = 'never'
  • FIX: the 'paged' property has added by default
  • FIX: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property on PHP 8.1+
  • FIX: _plain_query::post__in single value


  • FIX: Products Loop sorting on reload
  • FIX: ePro loop grid sorting filter
  • FIX: ePro Loop Grid if global widget
  • FIX: url aliases
  • FIX: location & distance filter with redirect
  • FIX: getting additional filters
  • FIX: deprecated

3.3.2 - February 1, 2024

  • ADD: valid url params filter
  • FIX: ePro Products / ePro Archive Products for search result page
  • FIX: Is Checkbox Meta Field option for checkbox meta field created created using the ACF plugin
  • FIX: function maybe_parse_repeater_options adding an array check
  • FIX: prevent PHP notices
  • FIX: if filter option Exclude Or Include Items is empty
  • FIX: Ajax Request Type -> Referrer / Self plus mixed type pagination
  • FIX: correctly parse meta parameters with colon
  • FIX: additional providers of duplicate filters
  • FIX(Bricks): override main WP query when 'Is main query' option is true
  • FIX(Bricks): the method for deleting query cache has been added
  • FIX(Bricks): disabling cache option during AJAX.

3.3.0 - December 21, 2023

  • ADD: Added provider preloader
  • ADD: Admin UI. Added a list of warnings why the update button is blocked
  • ADD: All option and ability to deselect in visual filter when radio behavior
  • ADD: Add possibility to use filter values in JetEngine query
  • ADD: tabindex with Date Period
  • UPD: Hierarchical select
  • UPD: redesigned pagination and active elements templates to support unsafe-eval
  • FIX: sync search filter with the same
  • FIX: Range filter max value input
  • FIX: Indexer not working correctly

3.2.3 - October 24, 2023

  • UPD: cherry-x-vue-ui
  • FIX: eProo loop custom post types & draft posts with current query
  • FIX: ePro Posts excerpt + filters
  • FIX: rewrite permalink rule for custom structure post_id

3.2.2 - September 26, 2023

  • FIX: ePro Loop indexer
  • FIX: rating filter on page reload
  • FIX: added filter bricks/query/force_run
  • FIX: moved the location of the filter bricks/query/no_results_content before rendering

3.2.0 - July 26, 2023

  • ADD: Elementor Pro Loop Grid provider
  • ADD: Admin multilingual support
  • ADD: Additional settings dropdown N selected
  • ADD: Date period filter Min/Max Dates operations
  • ADD: 'Comparison type' option for 'Comparison operator'
  • ADD: Process shortcodes in 'URL with filtered value' dynamic tag
  • UPD: Checkbox filter with dropdown update selected items on input change, not on filter change
  • UPD: Not include children for 'Intersection' relational operator
  • UPD: Filter each query type key after indexing
  • UPD: JetDashboard module
  • FIX: Admin dropdown outside click
  • FIX: Custom fields JetEngine WPML string translation
  • FIX: Current WP Query & Indexer compatibility
  • FIX: Hierarchical filter with additional providers
  • FIX: Elementor Pro Posts returns "0.66" value instead blank list for 0 results
  • FIX: Elementor popup with filters
  • FIX: Elementor popup with "Improved Asset Loading" option
  • FIX: Click Back button after applying filters with a redirect
  • FIX: Cisual filter when dragging item changes image
  • FIX: Fatal error in dynamic tag when filter is deleted
  • FIX: Elementor Pro Portfolio masonry

3.1.1 - April 10, 2023

  • UPD: redesigned initialization of filters on the frontend;
  • ADD: pagination load more;
  • ADD: fieldset legends & aria-labels;
  • ADD: don't send ajax request if page hasn't provider;
  • ADD: filter 'jet-smart-filters/service/filter/serialized-keys';
  • ADD: reinitFilters global method;
  • FIX: sitepath for url aliases;
  • FIX: URL aliases settings RTL;
  • FIX: fatal when Bricks query loop ("Is filterable" checked) in listing grid item.

3.1.0 - March 6, 2023

  • ADD: Allow to replace selected parts of the filtered URLs with any alias words you want;
  • ADD: Bricks Query Loop provider;
  • ADD: PHP 8.2 compatibility;
  • UPD: Improve security checks for edit filters settings requests;
  • UPD: Visual filter dropdown select for taxonomies and posts data source;
  • FIX: Exclude/include data source posts list;
  • FIX: Admin filters list pagination;
  • FIX: Keep third party URL params on filters clear;
  • FIX: JetEngine Calendar and filters compatibility;
  • FIX: Fatal error for when accessing admin area for non-admins users.

3.0.4 - January 5, 2023

  • ADD: Bricks builder compatibility;
  • UPD: Filters builder icons;
  • UPD: jet dashboard to 2.0.4;
  • FIX: Ensure correct provider set from request;
  • FIX: compatibility with JetWooBuilder 2.1.2;
  • FIX: Visibility of classic admin editor fields in some cases.

3.0.3 - December 15, 2022

  • ADD: Filter Date Period dates limit;
  • ADD: indexer counter prefix/suffix & position style;
  • FIX: refactoring Active filter & Active tag filters;
  • FIX: elementor pro v3.9.0 popup;
  • FIX: ignore disabled filters on set data;
  • FIX: additional providers;
  • UPD: renamed url prefix from 'jet-smart-filters' to 'jsf'.

3.0.1 - November 10, 2022

  • ADD: admin RTL;
  • ADD: admin select search field for options;
  • ADD: admin advanced input for custom query var;
  • UPD: admin color-image icon;
  • FIX: admin exclude or include items on options changing;
  • FIX: admin media control SVG;
  • ADD: accessibility tabindex;
  • ADD: 'jet-smart-filters/inited' document event;
  • ADD: JS trigger before filters initialization;
  • ADD: allow to use tax query with different sources;
  • UPD: change icons;
  • UPD: tax query and new dynamic min/max callbacks;
  • FIX: prevent notices when Color Image options generated dynamically;
  • FIX: compatibility with custom options.

3.0.0 - October 6, 2022

  • ADD: Admin interface changes. Redesigned into single page application
  • FIX: prevent php notices after installation template by wizard
  • FIX: prevent php notices on calendar request
  • FIX: allow to correctly extend Jet_Smart_Filters_Hierarchy class
  • FIX: woocommerce-archive hide out of stock items from the catalog on page reload
  • FIX: date period editor block error (air-datepicker script)

2.3.14 - September 14, 2022

  • ADD: Query ID setting for blocks
  • ADD: 'jet-smart-filters/query/request' to filter request before parsing query arguments
  • FIX: Compatibility with Elementor 3.7
  • FIX: Blocks editor and Listing Grid 'is_archive_template' option compatibility
  • FIX: Merge default with current query args on ajax indexing
  • FIX: Correctly pull dynamic min/max from meta values for range filter on terms archive pages
  • FIX: Select filter. Don't add select_disabled_color control if the indexer is disabled
  • FIX: JetEngine Calendar compatibility
  • UPD: For indexer SQL query removed space between parenthesis and value. This causes an error for some clients
  • UPD: Unchecked group items for intersection relational operator

2.3.13 - July 25, 2022

  • ADD: JetWooBuilder 2.0.0 version compatibility;
  • FIX: Blocks styles;
  • FIX: multi language without multi currency;
  • FIX: filter name Check Range > Check Range Filter.

2.3.11 - March 23, 2022

  • UPD: replaced deprecated method _register_controls to register_controls;
  • FIX: CheckBoxes additional settings dropdown;
  • FIX: Search filter spinner spins infinitely on submission with 'AJAX on typing';
  • FIX: ePro widgets after filtration;
  • FIX: duplication of sublevels of a hierarchical select;
  • FIX: woocommerce shortcode attribute on page reload;
  • FIX: check hierarchy current page;
  • FIX: Radio filter with motion effects sticky;
  • FIX: Date range filter query & placeholder on redirect;
  • FIX: Date period filter for popup;
  • FIX: Select filter alignment style;
  • FIX: EPro Posts skin 'Full Content' settings.

2.3.10 - February 15, 2022

  • ADD: elementor pro popup support;
  • FIX: jet-woo-products-grid/list Use Current Query option on archive page;
  • FIX: air-datepicker conflict;
  • FIX: taxonomies parent terms indexer;
  • FIX: compatibility with Elementor Pro 3.6;
  • UPD: jet-elementor-extension framework.

2.3.9 - January 26, 2022

  • ADD: Custom Query Variable option for taxonomies source
  • ADD: URL with filtered value dynamic tag
  • UPD: Better JetEngine compatibility
  • FIX: Select filter style options
  • FIX: WPML tax sub terms indexer
  • FIX: Filter label notice

2.3.8 - December 23, 2021

  • ADD: allow to filter indexer data before writing into DB
  • UPD: setIndexedData updating result manually
  • FIX: grammatical error correction from HoriSontal to HoriZontal
  • FIX: clear range filter input
  • FIX: hierarchical chain
  • FIX: sanitize widgets settings before passing for rendering
  • FIX: indexer with duplicates

2.3.7 - November 30, 2021

  • ADD: indexer on get filters data request sql SET SESSION group_concat_max_len;
  • ADD: check is indexer enabled on 'index_filters' method.

2.3.6 - November 25, 2021

  • SYS: renamed indexer method

2.3.5 - November 23, 2021

  • FIX: JetEngine with Use Custom Query on AJAX compatibility;
  • FIX: JetEngine lazy load compatibility.

2.3.4 - November 12, 2021

  • FIX: Indexer for custom database table prefix.

2.3.3 - November 12, 2021

  • UPD: Indexer refactoring;
  • ADD: Auto re-indexing option;
  • FIX: Alphabet filter;
  • FIX: Duplicate labels in the filter widget when displaying multiple filters;
  • FIX: Date Range with one blank field;
  • FIX: Date Period day type;
  • FIX: Rating filter clear;
  • FIX: Check Range filter if item max value 0;
  • FIX: Range filter if item max value 0;
  • FIX: Range filter with negatives values;
  • FIX: elementor editor icons from fa to eicon;
  • FIX: guten blocks in widgets areas error on refresh;
  • FIX: remove console.log.

2.3.2 - August 30, 2021

  • ADD: multi sorting;
  • ADD: Sorting filter Reset Field Appearance control;
  • FIX: url with additional filters;
  • FIX: apply button filter for gutenberg;
  • FIX: Alphabet filter;
  • FIX: Date period filter events duplication;
  • FIX: Active tag filter visibility for Hello Elementor theme;
  • FIX: guten get_editor_script_depends;
  • FIX: Radio All option label when Group terms by parents;
  • FIX: Date Range with page reload in Safari;
  • FIX: hierarchical chaining for identical taxonomies;
  • FIX: Range filter WooCommerce min/max prices with gets params;
  • FIX: Hierarchical label;
  • FIX: jet-engine-calendar current request query.

2.3.1 - July 8, 2021

  • ADD: Query Builder settings to store for JetWooBuilder Product Grid/List providers;
  • FIX: Custom query arguments for Product List provider.

2.3.0 - June 14, 2021

  • ADD: Alphabet filter;
  • ADD: Multiple query variable separated by comma;
  • ADD: Radio, Visual, CheckRange filters add additional settings;
  • ADD: CCT Data Source;
  • FIX: Additional filter settings dropdown without search;
  • FIX: range input slider;
  • FIX: relation AND between filters with the same taxonomy;
  • FIX: elementor pro Archive Products customizer default product sorting options.

2.2.3 - May 14, 2021

  • ADD: compatibility with new jetEngine features;
  • UPD: pagination filter provider top offset change max to 999;
  • UPD: pagination filter items gap;
  • UPD: checkbox decorator offsets;
  • FIX: Products cat & tag default taxonomy;
  • FIX: elementor Scheme_Typography.

2.2.2 - April 13, 2021

  • UPD: Range Filter;
  • FIX: Grouped Filters styles;
  • FIX: Minor bugs.

2.2.1 - March 17, 2021

  • UPD: Allow to rewrite indexer query args;
  • UPD: Rolled back hide elementor widget container if all items are hidden by indexer;
  • FIX: JetEngine glossaries compatibility;
  • FIX: Avoid letter-casing related errors when checking if DB table is exists;
  • FIX: ePro archive products default query;
  • FIX: ePro Archive Products sorting on page reload if sorting presets are set in the customizer;
  • FIX: Products loop.

2.2.0 - March 3, 2021

  • ADD: URL Structure Settings (Plain/Permalink);
  • ADD: JetTabs ajax load template compatibility;
  • ADD: Hamburger Panel ajax load template compatibility;
  • ADD: Hide elementor widget container if all items are hidden by indexer;
  • ADD: Date period datepicker button text;
  • ADD: ePro Posts skin full content support;
  • FIX: Visual filter options list value;
  • FIX: Checkbox filter MORE/LESS ignore the item if it was hidden by the indexer as empty;
  • FIX: remove strip slashes on searching;
  • FIX: check current control on ajax redirect;
  • FIX: avoid PHP notices;
  • FIX: bugs fixing.

2.1.1 - February 2, 2021

  • ADD: Hide filter label if all items is hidden;
  • ADD: Localized data extra_props;
  • FIX: Filter select grouped filters styles;
  • FIX: Date period format placeholder;
  • FIX: Hierarchy filter with single tax;
  • FIX: Visual filter image empty error;
  • FIX: EPro Archive Products add tax_query to store query.

2.1.0 - December 21, 2020

  • ADD: New filter Date Period;
  • ADD: Checkboxes Additional Settings:
    • Search;
    • More/Less;
    • Dropdown;
    • Scroll;
  • ADD: Radio;
    • Ability to add options all;
    • Ability to deselect radio buttons;
      • Search;
      • More/Less;
      • Dropdown;
      • Scroll;
  • ADD: Added the ability to change styles in Gutenberg ( required plugin Jet Style Manager ) Widgets that support styles:
    • Active Filters
    • Active Tags;
    • Apply Button;
    • Checkboxes;
    • Check Range;
    • Date Period;
    • Date Range;
    • Pagination;
    • Radio;
    • Range;
    • Rating;
    • Remove Filters;
    • Search;
    • Select;
    • Sorting;
    • Visual.

2.0.5 - December 1, 2020

  • UPD: jet dashboard to 2.0.4;
  • FIX: bugs fixing.

2.0.4 – October 13, 2020

  • ADD: hide Elementor widgets: active filters, active tags and remove filters if not active;
  • ADD: hierarchical filter preloader class;
  • UPD: change indexer DB columns format;
  • UPD: jet dashboard to 2.0;
  • FIX: minor bugs.